Monday, April 11, 2011

Dry chicken with coconut (Kori sukka)

I was bored cooking my usual chicken dishes and was looking to try something new. I came across this recipe on Indobase website. It said it was karnatakan dish. Quickly noted it down and tried it. Later I was wondering in which part of karnataka do they call this kori sukka and than searched for the origin of this recipe. It's a Manglorean based recipe and chicken in Tulu is Kori. Anyway I liked it and would surely try it out again.

What you need :
chicken pieces with bones preferably (about 800 grams) 
1  large onion finely chopped
8  curry leaves
2  tablespoons ghee / butter / oil
salt to taste  

Masala 1:
2  tablespoon(s) coriander seeds
½  teaspoon fennel seeds
½  teaspoon turmeric powder
1  teaspoon black peppercorns
1  teaspoon cumin and 
1  teaspoon fenugreek seeds
1  tablespoon poppy seeds
5  whole dry red chillies (use according to your taste)
1  tablespoon tamarind paste 

Masala 2 :
1 cup coconut grated ( I used dry shredded coconut)
5-6  garlic flakes
1  teaspoon cumin

How it's made :
Heat little ghee in  a pan and roast all ingredients listed in masala 1 and grind along with tamarind paste and keep it aside.
Coarsely grind the grated coconut, garlic and cumin seeds (for just a round or two) without adding any water at all. Its needs to be as dry as possible.

Mix the chicken with the Masala 1 paste. Cover and cook (without adding water) on low level in a heavy-bottomed pan till the chicken is almost cooked. Add the second masala paste and salt to taste. Cover and cook on low level for about 3  minutes or till the chicken is fully cooked.
Heat the ghee / butter in a pan, add in the curry leaves and fry for a few seconds. Add the finely chopped onions and fry till brown. pour this garnish over the chicken.
Server hot with roti or as a side dish.

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