Me the 'gypsy'

A 'gypsy' with identity crisis that's what most of my friends call me. Telugu ancestry, Karnatakan parents, Goan domicile, Tamilian husband and US daughter :). Crazy about brain research and Ganesha. Love cooking, traveling and interior decoration.

Always in look out for something new to learn.... I love experimenting, which led me to be a researcher by profession and the experimentation continues at home with food.

Brain, Bread and Ganesha....
The names sounds weird.As it says in my blog title description, these three are my passion, I am intrigued by brain, the capacity it has and the mystery it withholds... Bread, of course you cannot live with out food. Faith, for me Ganesha is not a religious symbol, he is my friend, a superpower in whom I trust, and a model for my art work. 

My inspiration:
My mom has been my inspiration for cooking and all my art work. I have successfully learned every art from her, but couldn't learn crochet :(.  Having said that, I never cook when my mom is around, she  is very very picky. My 'guinea pigs' were my dad and sisters for whom I cooked in my mom's absence. They relished everything that I experimented ( lucky me!!!).
My husband, a great chettinad style cook, is my greatest critique, but enjoys experimenting with me. According to him my cooking is "India in a pot".
My baking inspiration is my little one, she has endless zeal to bake and is ever ready to help (or mess).

Comments or suggestions?

If you like my posting do leave your valuable comments and suggestions. I am always open to new ideas..
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