Monday, March 21, 2011

world through a toddler's mind

When was the last time you stopped on your way and admired the beautiful sky or stop by to see a pigeon or squirrel and get amazed at them.
That's what I have been doing these days. I went downtown to get some groceries and my 2 year daughter was in her stroller, all that was in my mind was plans for cooking dinner and planning my to do list before going to bed. Than suddenly I heard Adwi say "mummy there see sky". that shook me off my thoughts and responded to her. Yeah, The evening sky was so beautiful, I was walking even without noticing it. Than she went on "there see squirrel, bird / flower, wawa ( water - in her baby language). We stopped every few steps to admire the nature and marveled at it.  That was fun little walk I had. It might be one of those every day walks, but that days walk left a deep impact on me and the next day at work as I was busy recording my neurons, her sweet words kept echoing back in my mind. It made me think, How much I was lost in my daily chores that I had stopped enjoying the beauty of nature. I never appreciated the birds or squirrels in the backyard or the first flowers of the spring. Now every day whenever the weather permits, I make it a point to spend sometime with my little one and admire the nature through her eyes. Try it and you will be truly amazed as to what your missing in life.
Sometimes happiness comes in little packages.

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  1. nice...
    n since i travel everyday thru heavy bangalore traffic i have my lil one showing me tiger n elephant paintings on Lalbagh walls and RK Ashram walls n the Tata DocoMo advt. on road sides...
    irony.. shud i laugh or cry :)


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