Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Strawberry-orange smoothie

Hmm, it was one of those days when I wanted to drink something chilled ( in winter, with the temp below freezing outside). Opened the refrigerator and stared at the juices, apple- that's for Adwi, orange - a big gallon that Sri got but never finished it off. I didn't want any of those. My brain started to tickle a few seconds later, went back to the refrigerator, pulled out orange juice, some strawberries that were sitting there since a week.  To give a smooth texture added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and blended them all together with some ice cube and had a nice yummy drink at 11.00 pm.

While enjoying this refreshing drink, I was looking for more recipes to make use of the strawberries and came across a similar smoothie with coconut milk. Got to try it next time.

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