Friday, January 7, 2011

om ganeshaya namah !!!

Well, they say its good to take Ganesha's name when you start something new. So what better way to start my long awaiting blog. I have been planning on starting one since 3 years but never did it. Can you believe who my inspiration to start would be, my lazy sister. if she can start one why not me :). well just kidding. I am at work done with my all my experiments for the week and nothing to do. Its friday afternoon, the temp outside has dropped to -3 C, feeling sleepy and didn't know what to do. Was reading Madhu's blog and decided to finally start my own.
To begin with I thought I would just scribble something about my passion "ganesh, my friend, guide and my model. I have a craze to paint ganesha and to collect ganesh idols (though haven't done any painting in the past one year). This craziness probably runs in our family I guess. Anyway to continue with my talk my ultimate dream in life is to open up a ganesh boutique once I get fed up with research. I have thought about giving up research several time and pursuing this hobby seriously but again my love for neuroscience pulls me back.
I will try to post my ganesh sketches later that I have done so far ( if I get all of them).  For now I have this picture of the first ganesh chaturthi pooja we had in USA. It was an instantaneous decision to take off from work and celebrate.

Well, that's all for now, hopefully will try to keep up with the posting.

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  1. welcome to the world of blogging.. thou i have started my blog wonder how long i will stick to it... anyway thanx for the compliment .. hehe


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