Thursday, January 27, 2011

My very own atlas

Aaahhh!!! finally my atlas is published. Its been a long journey, what started as a reference work for my work on slice culture finally took the shape of a book. I wanted to make a neonatal brain slice model, but there was no published data. I looked and asked every leading lab that works with Atlas. No one seemed to have done any work. I went to Society for neuroscience with this work on my poster and Barbara from CRC press instantly agreed to publish this work. All said, I realized how much work it involved, since I was the lone person working on this project. The reality dawned on me when I started compiling the pictures and labeling. I said to myself, this is not going to materialize as I had to carry on with my routine lab experiments and than do this work too along with my little one's arrival into our life. But constant support from my husband and my dad asking me all the time and the late night work finally payed off to get this book published.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive in publishing this work. Hooray!!!

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